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About Reclaimed Body Massage & Wellness

Welcome to our trauma-informed massage therapy services, where your well-being and comfort are our top priorities. Our highly trained therapists specialize in creating a safe and supportive environment, utilizing techniques designed to help you heal physically and emotionally. Whether you're seeking relief from stress, anxiety, or past traumas, our compassionate approach ensures that every session is tailored to your unique needs. Experience the power of touch in a space where your journey towards healing is respected and nurtured.

Our Mission

Our mission as trauma-informed massage therapists is to facilitate holistic healing by offering specialized touch therapies that prioritize the physical, emotional, and mental well-being of our clients. We are committed to creating an environment where trust is cultivated, boundaries are honored, and individual needs are met with sensitivity and understanding. Through continuous education and collaboration, we strive to raise awareness about trauma's impact on the body and mind, ensuring that our clients feel supported on their path to recovery. Our goal is to empower each person to reclaim their sense of agency, promoting healing, resilience, and a renewed connection to themselves.

The mission at Reclaimed Body & Wellness

Our Vision

Our vision as trauma-informed massage therapists is to provide a haven of healing where individuals can rediscover their inner strength and resilience. Through our compassionate touch and mindful approach, we aim to empower those who have experienced trauma to embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing. By creating a space of safety, respect, and empathy, we envision a world where every individual can find solace, restoration, and a renewed sense of well-being.

The vision at Reclaimed Body & Wellness

Our Values

A trauma-informed massage therapist prioritizes creating a safe and supportive environment for clients who may have experienced trauma. They emphasize consent, choice, and open communication to ensure the client's comfort and well-being throughout the massage session. Understanding the potential triggers and being mindful of boundaries are key values for such therapists.

Our Values at Reclaimed Body & Wellness

Our Capabilities

At our trauma-informed massage therapy practice, we bring a comprehensive set of capabilities that are centered around healing, empathy, and empowerment. Our therapists are trained and experienced in trauma-sensitive techniques, enabling us to provide a safe and supportive space for clients on their healing journey. Our capabilities include:

  • Specialized Training: Our therapists possess advanced training in trauma-informed massage techniques, equipping us to address the unique needs and sensitivities of individuals who have experienced trauma.

  • Holistic Approach: We understand that trauma affects both the body and mind. Our approach integrates bodywork, mindfulness, and emotional support to promote overall well-being.

  • Safe Environment: We prioritize creating a safe and non-judgmental environment where clients can feel comfortable sharing their experiences and setting boundaries.

  • Individualized Care: Every client is unique, and so is their healing journey. We tailor our treatments to each individual's needs, ensuring that their preferences and triggers are respected.

  • Collaboration: We work collaboratively with other healthcare professionals, counselors, and therapists to provide comprehensive support to our clients.

  • Empowerment: Our goal is to empower clients by helping them reconnect with their bodies, regain a sense of control, and foster resilience through the healing power of touch.

  • Continued Learning: We stay up-to-date with the latest research and developments in trauma-informed care, constantly enhancing our skills and techniques.

  • Compassionate Communication: Our therapists are adept at compassionate communication, actively listening to clients and offering validation, while also helping them set and communicate their boundaries.

  • Confidentiality: We maintain strict confidentiality to ensure clients feel safe sharing their experiences and concerns.

  • Cultural Sensitivity: We are committed to providing inclusive care that respects diverse backgrounds and cultures, recognizing the impact of cultural factors on trauma experiences.

  • Respect for Autonomy: We honor each client's autonomy and decision-making, supporting them in their choices and pace of healing.

Our capabilities reflect our commitment to fostering healing, resilience, and well-being in a trauma-informed and client-centered manner.

Let’s Get You Relaxed

11 W. Ormond Ave.

Ste. 200B

Cherry Hill, NJ 08002

Tel: 856 - 981-0289

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